Description: Laidback, melancholic solo piano in 72 second loop with simple, lush harmony and spacious rhythm motifs.

Description: Piano plays bittersweet solo arrangement with recurring uplifting progression in 99 second loop.

Description: Moody piano plays simple octave melody, in lightly syncopated 93 second loop with upright bass, drums and subtle automated synth.

Description: Solo piano plays simple patterns in 109 second loop suggested to underscore intimate scenes involving romance, reassurance, reflection and optimism.

Description: Simple, peaceful, upbeat solo piano plays quiet arrangement in 79 second loop suggested for intimate scenes, commercials.

Description: Solo piano plays simple, haunting arrangement in 99 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of mourning, grief or serious narration.

Description: Solo piano trades light jazz riffs with simple alternate chord melody. Suggested for minor key cocktail piano scenes, anxious film sequences.

Description: Solo piano plays melancholic 64 second loop with bridge, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration.

Description: An 82 second loop of sad piano motifs with a quicker animated bridge of subtle optimism.

Description: Piano plays lush chords with subtle monophonic synthesizer in uplifting 57 second loop.

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