Description: vacation resort groove. keys trade motifs with steel drums among congas, flutes, piano and bass. piece builds a relaxed energy to resolution.

Description: Piano plays slow haunting piece accompanied by strings and chimed percussion, suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene, also to underscore images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate money for aid, voice-overs. Key of F minor/106 beats/min

Description: Strings, French horn, piano and harpsichord arrangement of A/B patterns suggested for scenes of mystery or espionage. Style inspired by James Bond, Desperate Housewives. Suggested for secretive, suspenseful, sneaky, crime-in-progress sequences, transitions, montages

Description: Simple piano composition with methodically sequenced synthesizers suggested for underscoring of motivational images, narration and scenes involving waiting or anticipation. Also for depictions of efficiency, progress, assembly line production, transition, time lapse photography. Key of A, 120 bpm

Description: piano and antique sleigh bells combine for a simple, nostalgic a/b/a pattern. suggested for use under voice-over or to score touching winter holiday scene.

Description: upright bass plays “cool jazz” pattern accompanied by drums as vibes and piano trade phrases. suggested for mysterious scenes, reminiscent of the pink panther

Description: Piano, upright bass and drums accompanied by sleigh bells combine for a simple, nostalgic melody. Suggested for use under narration, happy, feel-good moments or to underscore warm, touching, nostalgic winter holiday scenes, for traditional Christmas reunion of extended family a la Norman Rockwell. Key of G

Description: strings, horn, piano and harpsichord arrangement of a/b patterns suggested for scenes of mystery or espionage.

Description: solo piano plays simple melody in a/b/a pattern, resolving to fade of final chord. suggested for romantic, nostalgic or intimate scenes.

Description: Piano, harp, strings, French horn and percussion accompany simple, bittersweet cello melody in orchestral style. Suggested for main title sequences, nostalgic or romantic montages, corporate presentations and to underscore animation or slideshows. Key of A modulates to B

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