Description: This upbeat, life-affirming track features piano, wordless female vocals, guitar, and mandolin. The song is both energetic and relaxing with a feel-good mood and catchy melody.

Description: This driving, ethereal composition features piano, electric guitar, and haunting wordless female vocals. The song is rhythmic and propulsive and is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and the Pat Metheny Group.

Description: This soft, ethereal track features piano and bass and has a calming and mysterious mood.

Description: This melodic song features piano, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass, and drums. It starts as a lilting waltz and evolves into a lush arrangement with soulful and melodic electric guitar solos.

Description: Gentle, soft, and sweet, this track features piano, mandolin, guitar, and wordless female vocals. The music is carefree and relaxing and would work well in a sentimental moment of a film.

Description: Featuring piano, rhythm section, and electric guitar, this track song is melodic and moody, starting off in a relaxed tempo before building to a soaring electric guitar solo.

Description: This upbeat, energetic song features piano, rhythm section, and ethereal wordless female vocals. The song is uplifting, joyous, and mysterious with a catchy melody and driving ending.

Description: New Morning is a lushly arranged, laid-back song featuring piano, wordless female vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and percussion. This song has a pastoral, folk-like sound and is catchy, melodic, and carefree.

Description: Uplifting and upbeat, this track has a driving rhythm section and features, piano, drums, bass, and electric guitar. The track has a nighttime, jazzy feel.

Description: This sweet, heartwarming song features piano, acoustic guitar, dobro, percussion, and ethereal wordless female vocals. The song is pastoral and relaxing and sets a peaceful, reflective mood.

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