Description: Instrumental New Country Americana

Description: Upbeat rocking instrumental for commercial or background music for film/tv. Guitar driven music.

Description: Great song for a commercial spot or movie/film using a muscle car. Upbeat, cool song about a car being a street stripper. Racing type scene or fast car.

Description: Suspense building, intense, powerful; drums and percussions with sound effects. Great track for Chase Cue, Suspense Cue, Film Soundtracks, Scary/Ominous Cue, and Action Cue

Description: Orchestral; background, tv or movie theme. Serene, with build, tension, calm, with choir. Tension, drama, adventure, & action.

Description: Orchestral w/ choir, background, movie, tv theme, calming building into tension, adventure, drama, action, land, sea, sky & space.

Description: Dance/RockPop instrumental track, party, dance scene, background music, scoring cue, radio cue, TV ad; cars, trucks, feel good, upbeat, danceable, accomplishment, various commercial ads looking for upbeat music to sell your product.

Description: Upbeat instrumental dance with techno synths, fx, percussions & sequences. Drums and bass. Great for club scene, party or dance. Commercials or ads looking for a feel good upbeat, let’s get my day started or keep it going and I feel awesome.

Description: Techno Trance instrumental great for a dance scene, party scene, background music, score cue, adventure or drama scene. Feel good, feeling of Accomplishment. Possible uses, exercise, running, electronics, technology, driving, vehicles - type commercials /radio-TV ads.

Description: Vocal, Male Vocal, with older rock 90’s classic rock sound, singee has a wall built around her heart, as her eyes/body tell a different story and singer is determined on taking down that wall and let love happen.

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