Description: 90's house music perfect for backing in media or for aerobic work outs.

Description: An epic piece perfect for use in a dramatic trailer, Horizon, a rising sun.

Description: Rumble in the jungle, a dramatic theme for a jungle based environment, action packed adventure awaits.

Description: A short ambient track, great for relaxing, chilling, or even a space related soundtrack for all media.

Description: A silly funny upbeat spin off based on the happy tunes of super mario video games. This song is original featuring my own voice.

Description: epic battle theme, An inspired uplifting emotional battle very intense and dramatic.

Description: Elevator music, great for a comedy scene, or an akward scene, or backing in an elevator or hotel etc :)

Description: A dirty dose of underground house, perfect for a club scene or similar

Description: Music to suit any arabian style work

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