Description: Ragtime Piano famous composition of Scott Joplin (1868 - 1917)

Description: Is a traditional ballad, Christmas carol. Female vocal version, with ukulele and ocarina. The ballad is a story of the Virgin Mary, while traveling to Bethlehem with Joseph.

Description: Hang (propaniuma) percussion with flaute. For a sounds primitive.

Description: Sud italy tarantella. pizzicva style. Mandolins, pipes, accordion and tambourine.

Description: Allegro whistled jingle sympathy

Description: Acoustic guitar strings for a simple relaxing atmosphere.

Description: Lounge atmosphere percussion and synth pad with guitar stopped.

Description: Ballad medieval style with pipes, mandolino,guitar,acordeon,tamburine

Description: Played mandolin and accordion of south Italy, tarantella style.

Description: India atmosphere witch sitar.

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