Description: Traditional Scottish child ballad, Instrumental version with violin, accordion and acoustic instruments.

Description: John Coprario (1575 - 1626) Ancient baroque renaissance song with lute and flute

Description: Traditional Irish tune celtic atmosphere. bagpipes for a medieval hymn, with cultic harp. Brian Boru's March is a traditional Irish tune.

Description: Ancient melody anonymously with harp and flute

Description: From the Henry VIII of England - medieval played

Description: Simple rhyme with hurdy-gurdy and pipes.

Description: Is a traditional ballad irish song, arranged witch whistle, guitar acoustic bass.

Description: is a traditional Christmas carol for the St. Steven day, the text of which was written in 1853 by the Reverend John Mason Neale British

Description: Celtic harp with small flute and voices of the forest. A spiritual magical atmosphere of fairy tales, gnomes, mystery.

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