Description: Famous traditional Neapolitan song written by Luigi Denza With Mandolin, accordion, guitar and percussion.

Description: A traditional Neapolitan Italian Tarantella from the Southern Italian Naples. With Mandolin, accordion and guita

Description: italian mandolin popular simil tarantella, with tamburine fisarmonica (accordion) traditional style of Italian.

Description: 9th-century popular song. Song of the circus of an upholsterer. This accordion version has a street musician atmosphere

Description: Carillon (music box) simply played slowed down with the piano roll.

Description: Classical piano playing - For background reading poetry, documentary, youtube.

Description: Flute and sounds reminiscent of Native Americans.

Description: Soft movement string orchestra with oboe and bassoon (fagotto)

Description: ska reggae with muted trumpet and accordion

Description: Typing on personal computer Keyboard, from faster to slower beat

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