Description: Reverb bass drum with metal crash and ambience, created for game audio design in mind.

Description: Crystal Piano, reversed gated instruments and trance effected guitar, thats Clean Tech Logo 2. Bright intro then builds and fades, perfect for corporate logo or flash project.

Description: World music track perfect for any medieval tavern or castle, filled with acoustic string instruments, toms and flutes.

Description: Perfect music track for any trailer or media presentation needing something epic. Filled with orchestral staccato strings, cellos, arp synths, epic drum hits and the classic bass drop heard in new movie trailers.

Description: Magical Wind Whoosh 2 is perfect for any speedy spell or magical transition.

Description: Corporate Drum And Bass Intro is perfect for tech, web or media commercials. Thick bass lines, distorted keys, layers of synths and reversed effects drive the music at a fast pace.

Description: Abandoned is the perfect music loop for exploring an interstellar space craft, galactic strong hold or any Sci-Fi based theme. Liquid synth sounds, lush pads and a touch of mystery. This music was written with Sci-Fi game development in mind.

Description: Minimal Female vocal indie rock track with heavy distorted guitar and synth drums, has a blues type guitar riff, great for soundtrack. This has a very underground alternative feel to it. Sounds typical of the minimal rock out there today.

Description: Orchestral music perfect for fantasy media or video game trailer.

Description: Female indie rock track with heavy distorted guitar and driving bass line. Very grungy with a 70’s style to it. Heavy live sounding drums and sultry female vocals.

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