Description: minimalist, gentle, tender piano piece.

Description: A floating, thoughtful, gentle piece for piano and flute, evoking distant memories or a misty landscape

Description: does what it says on the tin: over-the-top rave-like beats with distortion - a little like faithless.

Description: filmic, expansive, thematic and epic piece with strings, harp and wind instruments, evoking open space, perhaps deserts.

Description: A bright, cheerful but slightly wistful tune on flute with strings acommpanying

Description: slow, spacious, yearning, emotional piece featuring french horn, piano and strings.

Description: a Pacey contemporary theme, with a crime-scene like feel, played on synths and loops

Description: An ominouse, looming, darkly mysterious piece of abstract orchestral score, incporporating piano, chimes, low reeds and woodwind

Description: slightly left-field loop-based track with electro quirkiness.

Description: A sparse, spacious piano and electro backing, with retro synth-pop melody, building in rhythmic momentum

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