Description: melancholy, atmospheric track featuring strings, choir, trombones and military snare drum.

Description: a smooth, soothing track with a relaxed groove. guitars, rhodes, piano, strings, organ, bass and drums provide a mellow background for a soaring sax melody.

Description: light, easy going track with a care-free attitude. great for projects requiring a positive, uplifting feel-good mood.

Description: sentimental, moody, haunting, melancholy piece - longing for the good times.

Description: harp arpeggios and lush synth pads provide the backdrop to a gong melody.

Description: this track would really work great for projects that require a subtle, sophisticated, mesmerizing, almost hypnotic backdrop.

Description: a relaxed groove evoking a holiday mood with a nice flute and soxophone melody against a funky guitar, bass, drums background.

Description: great for chase scenes or projects with a modern, high-energy feel.

Description: the guitar melody played using natural harmonics and the guitar solo add a nice textural contrast to the lush synth pads and nature background sounds.

Description: high-energy track with an exciting blend of orchestral and modern sounds.

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