Description: Funny and happy music two step Old Style Christmas Thenmed

Description: Hot and Sexy atmosphere, short r'nb jingle

Description: Sixties Happy Background Music usefull for background music of weather forecast, news program, cooking program, horoscope, commercials, corporate videos and so on

Description: Happy and funny midtempo track with strange melody

Description: Happy tune with drums and strumming guitar

Description: Industrial electronic cue, ideal as music for a videogame or for an action cue or a corporate video

Description: Funny Misterious Jazzy Tracks with real Instruments and Real Jazz Flute

Description: Uptempo Groovy Instrumental Funk Song with real flute recorded (not loop or fake samples. Amazing as Tv theme, source music for movie and television, or advertisement.

Description: A warm caressing sexy instrumental cue, the ideal music for a sexy dream or a love scene.

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