Description: Courtroom like large crowd being seated after taking an oath. Movement and shuffling.

Description: Church members settle in before or after service. Shuffles and movement without dialogue. Interior.

Description: Large courtroom type crowd stands to it's feet. Movement plus indistinct walla. Appropriate for med to very large spaces. See Audience Presence Seating Shuffle.

Description: Crowd presence in wooden room with sound of some footsteps. Muted walla without distinct voices. Fairly dense.

Description: Shuffling of crowd with sparse murmur. No clear voices. Interior background. Fills out a shot.

Description: Very good presence of audience with built in coughs, shuffling movement. Feeling of a lot of people interior without dialogue.

Description: Large group of African American men talking on the street,

Description: Fairly dry high school gym background with adults and children.

Description: Med to large group of teens working a project at school. Lots of chatter. An air of excitement. Mono. A few distinct boxes. Great for low level background.

Description: Angry crowd, excited voices. Stereo.

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