Description: Another take of the young crowd at a night club. Active walla.

Description: Exterior mass crowd chants Si Se Puede. Loop. 2 track mono.

Description: Feeling of people gathered for an exterior event. Stereo. Multilayered. Play with volume to increase or decrease size of crowd.

Description: Interior gathering. Mostly young people. Chatting. Talking. Male and female voices. No laughing.

Description: Busy, upbeat, young crowd having fun. Interior. Male, female.

Description: Interior living room gathering. Laughs, talking, mostly young people. Male and female fairly equal. Upbeat.

Description: Adult living room or dinner table gathering. Mostly male. Talking, low chatting. Stereo.

Description: Interior walla. Young peoples get together. Female and male voices. Bustling, upbeat and sociable. No laughing. Stereo.

Description: Interior. Upbeat gathering, with chatting, giggles, adult females but some male voices. Adults. Stereo.

Description: Interior walla. Young people. Male and female voices. Chatty, upbeat. Laughs and giggles. Fun.

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