Description: Sputtering prop plane engine comes to a stop. Stereo.

Description: P-51 Mustang close and powerful by. 2 versions.

Description: Single prop plane in, close by and away. Stereo.

Description: Long, fat drone of a B-17 bomber in flight overhead.

Description: Inflight on board a vintage prop plane. Various engine sounds. Realtime.

Description: Clean, long in and close, powerful by of a World War 2 aircraft taking off. Stereo.

Description: Inside the cockpit of a WW2 single prop plane. Starts soft as plane begins to take off. Builds to a roar as it leaves the runway then steadies as it cruises in flight.

Description: Single prop plane. Modern Long drone in the distance. Stereo.

Description: WW2 prop plane long distant buzzing drone. Recording made from the ground. Some birds.

Description: WW2 vintage plane taking off with strong by. Stereo.

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