Description: Slightly mysterious and with a scense of humour. Featuring a marimba, piano and bongos. A fun tune for a colorful story. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: A playful and happy tune full of positive energies. Featuring a marimba and bongos. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: Jumpy and happy tune with muted guitar and xylophone playing a game together. Also featuring wah-wah guitar. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: A very smart and melodic cute tune. Full of good mood and witty spirit. Featuring piano, pizzicatto strings and a marimba. Great for cartoons.

Description: A jumpy and happy electronic tune fool of positive energies. Great for children productions and video games. Featuring a marimba ad various synths.

Description: A fun easy going simple tune full of positive energy and optimistic melody. Featuring piano and clarinet. Perfect for positive corporate videos, animation and games.

Description: Easy going friendly tune with a simple progression and a positive mood. Electric keys and ukulele.

Description: A bouncy happy tune full of good mood. Very positive and happy. Featuring piano and pizzicatto strings. Great for games, animations and apps.

Description: Inspirational and gentle. Imagine an empty canvas being filled with colors and shapes forming a warm picture. Featuring piano and strings.

Description: A cool and easy going tune. Light-hearted and simple. Just a casual day in space. Nothing unusual. Featuring alien synths, upright bass and woodwinds

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