Description: A powerful, mid-tempo track with strong drums and a melodic bridge.

Description: "Lodge" is a throwback to early 80s goth, reminiscent of Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. A sparse yet emotional track, evoking a brooding atmosphere.

Description: A rowdy, funky party track with a great electric guitar hook!

Description: A downtempo, haunting piece featuring orchestral sounds, acoustic guitar and electronic elements.

Description: A dark, haunting darkwave track.

Description: An aggressive, dark and dirty industrial track with tons of drums, percussion and grinding guitars!

Description: A quirky and funky, electro track featuring the accordion! Full of hooks and catchy beats with an atmospheric section.

Description: A quirky, accordion-based track with electronic elements and an irresistible section that is a modern take on 1920s jazz.

Description: A dark, driving electro/industrial behemoth! This is a brutal track with memorable hooks. The sound of a robot punching you in the face, but you love it.

Description: A haunting and magical piece, evoking the Big Top circus at night. An eerie but beautiful track.

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