Description: Garbage Truck Medium Distant, From Interior Closed Window Point Of View. Idle, Metal Clunks Squeaks, And Movement.

Description: Garbage Truck; Medium Perspective Loading With Idle, Hydraulic Whine, Clunks And Garbage Movement. Truck By Loud And Close ( Index 02 @ 1; 00 ) .

Description: Garbage Truck; Close Loading With Worker Movement And Sparse Walla, Garbage Bags Impact With Glass Rattles. Truck Idling, Hydraulic Motor, Metal Clunks. Close Car Honks ( Index 02 @ 1; 51 ), Truck.

Description: Garbage Truck; Close Loading, Idle, Compressing Motor On, Movement. Pull Up And Stop With Loud Brake Groans ( Index 02 @; 54 ), Air Hisses, Some Back-up Beeps. Truck Continues To Pull Away Stop W.

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