Description: Casino; Austrian; Austrian Casino Atmosphere. Busy Crowd Babble, Then Going Down To Quiet Chatter With Roulette Wheel Spins, Ball Into Framing And Close Austrian Male.

Description: Casino; Small Crowd Around Roulette Table. Croupiers Voice, Chips Being Placed With Ooo's And Aaa's From Onlookers. Person Playing For High Stakes Or Such.

Description: Coins, Drop; Coin Movement. Several Coins Drop To Surface With Single Coin Spinning, More Coin Drops, Clanks, Single Coins Falling Out, Hitting Other Coins. Metallic Ringing.

Description: Coins, Drop; Many Coins Dropping Onto Wood, Hollow Sounding Surface. Fast Drop Onto Table. Fewer, Slower Coin Drop. Couple Coins Drop Onto Wood Surface. Coins Drop And Hit Other Coins.

Description: Coins, Count; Several Coins In Stack Being Lifted And Small Drop Back Into Place. Metal Jingles. Coins Being Dropped Into Hand Falling Against Each Other.

Description: Coins, Counting; Several Coins Being Counted. Quick Slide Over Table And Clank With Other Coins. Slide And Jingle.

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