Description: Welding, electric arc, switch on, attach electrode, weld with crackle and buzz.

Description: Handling Microphone Set In Mono, Taps, Blowing And Movement.

Description: Arc Welder; Arc Welder; High Pitched Sizzle / Scream, Varying Degrees Of Hiss, Medium Perspective.

Description: Tesla Coil 2; Large Tesla Coil; Slow Static Build Up / Loud Series Of Discharges, Medium Perspective. Science Lab.

Description: Tesla Coil 1; Small Servo Motor Generator With Varying Degrees Of Static Electrical Noise; Close Perspective. Science Lab.

Description: Electrical Sparking; Constant With Slight Rhythmic Pulsing.

Description: High Voltage Electrical Sizzle, Steady.

Description: Electricity Arcing 2; Steady Sparking Changes To Pulsating Zaps.

Description: Guri Dam Power Distribution Buzz and Hum.

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