Description: Galactic Radio Waves- complex radio static, high pitch telemetry.

Description: Computer Room digital looping high room tones with low static rumble.

Description: Scanner 50's Style old school, sci-fi, computer ambience.

Description: Computer Malfunction random digital effects with electric motor modulations.

Description: Computer Room circling tones with dark satellite telemetry undertones.

Description: Robot Computing-Hi pitch random electronic chirps.

Description: Android Analyze digital sounds with looping crescendos.

Description: Evil Spirits Rise, Version 3; Low Breaths And Evil Growling Surges As Lucifer Himself Arrives On The Scene.

Description: Evil Spirits Rise, Version 2; Eerie Descending Voices As Angels From Hell Gather Together.

Description: Evil Spirits Rise, Version 1; Reverberant Breaths And Moans As Evil Spirits Rise From Hell.

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