Description: Eerie Synthetic Rain Ambience With Acid Hiss On Contact.

Description: Heavy Sub Rumble, Steady.

Description: Synth Motor Start Up, Run To Steady, Grinding, Fast Whir And Run Down.

Description: Low Frequency Modulation 3; Electrical Power Surge; Oscillation, Sweeping Down, Then Pulsating; Classic Sci-fi Throw The Switch Effect, Close Perspective.

Description: Low Frequency Modulation 2; Low-mid Frequency Rumble; Dual Pulsation, Steady, Close Perspective.

Description: Low Frequency Synth Tone Pulsating.

Description: Multi-pitched, High Frequency Transformation Sequence; Multiple Tones And Bells Oscillate.

Description: Oscillating, High Frequency, Multi-pitched Tones Rise And Fall 2.

Description: Vortex Wet Rumble With Panning.

Description: Vortex Suction Wailing.

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