Description: Eerie Ambience; Constant Air Through Tunnel, With Distant Air Bursts.

Description: Eerie Ambience; Breathy Wind Gust, With Heavy Wind Chimes And Bubbles. Long Version. 2x.

Description: Night Ambience; Eerie Swamp, With Loud Frogs And Crickets.

Description: Ambience, Tonal Gas; Intense Gaseous Or Steamy Presence With Tonal Texture And Changing Choral Swirl.

Description: Ambience, Machine; Steamy Throbbing Large Distant Machine With Vague Low Amorphous Vocals.

Description: Musical, Bass Tones; Subtle Bass Changing Notes Moving Higher And Lower.

Description: Ambiance, Bass Tonal Drone; Textures Of Whirring Machinery Like The Inside Of A Giant Traveling Space Ship.

Description: Ambiance, Tonal Bass; Industrial Presence Of Musical Layers Of Deep Tone.

Description: Ambiance, Bass Drone; Intense Tonal Continual Presence.

Description: Ambiance, Light Bass; Airy Singing Textured Industrial Whir.

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