Description: Arrow Into Body; Short, Quick, Wet Impact Of Arrow Hitting Body. Medium Perspective.

Description: Arrow Impacts ( 3x ); Three Separate Quick Impacts. Short, Very Fast Whoosh Followed By Sharp, Low Pitched Thud Type Arrow Impacts. Medium Perspective.

Description: Crossbow Release; Single Fast, Direct Sounding Arrow Release. Medium High Pitched. Medium Perspective.

Description: Crossbow Release: Twang ( 6x ); Six Loose, Rattley, Low Pitched Crossbow Releases. Medium Perspective. Arrow.

Description: Bow Release: Twang; Single Loose Bow String Release With Faint Arrow Whiz Away. Medium Perspective.

Description: Bow Release: Twang ( 4x ); Four Tight, Fast, Low Pitched Bow String Releases. Medium Close Perspective.

Description: Bow & Arrow Pullback; Single Take Of Wood Arrow Sliding Against Bow While Being Drawn Back To Fire. Smooth Wood Scraping Sound. Medium Perspective.

Description: Arrow Swoosh; Single, Low Pitched, Rough Sounding Arrow Whoosh. Close Perspective. Whoosh.

Description: Arrow Swoosh ( 2x ); Two Wide Medium Pitched Arrow Whooshes. Close Perspective. Whoosh.

Description: Arrow Swoosh ( 7x ); Seven Fast Medium Pitched Arrow Swishes, Last Three Are Followed By Spring-like Twangs. Close Perspective. Whoosh.

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