Description: Audience, Large Hall, Hum Ambience.

Description: Courtroom; Large Crowd Murmur In Medium Sized Room With Natural Reverb, Predominantly Males; Close And Distant Perspective.

Description: Huge Auditorium With Active, Large Crowd Voices Occasional Footsteps By; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Large Exterior Crowd Idle Ambience Or Grandstand; Busy Voices, Activity; Medium / Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Town Street, With Activity Version 2; As Version 1 But With Added Walla, Footsteps, Dog Bark Etc. To Give The Impression Of A Town Later In The Day.

Description: Balloon Vendor In Park, Close. Not Much Vendor Walla, Mostly Percussive Sound Of Shaking The Balloons, Not Continuous. Parents And Children Walla And Footsteps Close To Medium, Birds Chirp.

Description: Wide Perspective Version Of Track 1003-01. Small City Park, Very Busy. Walla Close To Distant With Children Playing, Mothers Rounding Up Their Kids. Could Play For Large Playground, Or Family Am.

Description: Female Street Preacher Through Megaphone Or Small Speaker, Close. Talks About Moral Bankruptcy Businessmen And Peep Shows. Heavy Traffic Ambience Close To Distant With Honks, Bus By, Brake Squeak.

Description: Male Street Preacher, More Conversational Than Track 1002-13, Discusses Religion And Wealth With Someone We Can't Hear. Heavy Traffic Ambience Includes Close Bus Revs And Distant Honks. Other Male.

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