Description: Rhythmic bird loop, weird loop of bird sounds in machine like rhythm.

Description: Funny factory, beeps and puffs ( separate loop on each track ).

Description: Sinus headache, pounding machine and liquid, sounds like pain in head.

Description: Male talking gibberish on telephone or P.A.

Description: Dragon in flight, wings beating with deep, low growl and eerie wind.

Description: Funny Engine Steady with Hollow Clops.

Description: Computer Breaking Down with Pulsing Hum, Pops, Sputters, Razzes, Etc... Ends with Explosion ( I.e. Computer Overload Or Brain Overload ) .

Description: Big, Reverberant, Monstrous Snoring with Long Snort Inhales & Lip Flapping Exhales.

Description: Snarls ( Generic ) - 4 Effects; Large Generic Snarls.

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