Description: Cavalry Walk Constant On Cobbles; Around 60 Horses Walk Constant On Wide Cobbled Street, Light Walla At Front And End.

Description: Horses, Two; Gallop Steady, Stop And Repeat, On Dirt.

Description: Horses; By; Arab Army Up And Past. Horses And Camels With Neighs And Grunts On Gritty Sand.

Description: Horse; Breathing; Horse Breathing With Bridle Noises, Then Three Horses, Then Two More. All Restless As Though Galloped In And Stopped. Some Neighs On The End.

Description: Horses; Constant; Two Horses Starting To Gallop Away At Full Gallop On Turf, Finally Stopping With A Few Breaths.

Description: Horse; Constant; Constant Horse Cantering On Soft Ground.

Description: Horses Steady; Horses Trotting Steady On Dirt With Busy Bridle And Saddle Movement Throughout. Close-up.

Description: Horse Galloping Through Grass Brush Cu W Heavy Breathing, Walks Trots Walks Through Heavy Brush Or Tall Grass.

Description: Horse Trotting And Walking On Sand Dirt Medium Cu W Heavy Breathing, Someone Clapping Hands, Various Pov.

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