Description: ANIMAL CRICKET: EXT: Very close up, with occasional bee bys, flies & cicadas in background.

Description: ANIMALS-INSECTS Background AFRICA: Crickets with distant thunder, start of rain, Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe atmosphere at evening.

Description: ANIMALS-INSECTS Background CRICKETS: Dense cricket background distant croaking frogs at water hole. Zululand, South Africa.

Description: ANIMALS-INSECTS Background CRICKETS: Populous crickets at pond, distant wildlife calls, Cayo District, Belize.

Description: ANIMALS-INSECTS Background CRICKETS: Peepers and crickets, frogs in distance, watering hole, Hluhluwe, Zululand, South Africa.

Description: Mosquitoes Buzz And Slowly Grow In Number Into Large Swarm, Heavy Buzz.

Description: Birds Chirps, Ducks Quack With Cricket Bed, Airy.

Description: Country Night Ambience 2; Crickets And Insects Chirp, Medium To Distant Perspective, With A Few Intermittent, Close Perspective. Squawky Frogs Close To Medium Perspective. Distant Traffic Roar. Ca.

Description: Country Night Ambience 1; Wide Perspective Crickets And Insects Chirp And Buzz, Medium Perspective, With A Few At Close Perspective. Busy, Squawky Frogs At Close To Medium Perspective. Very Distant.

Description: Crickets; Night Ambience, Through Open Window.

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