Description: Warning Buzzer, Space Alarm Type; Pulsing Buzzes At Medium Perspective With Reverb.

Description: Air Horn Blasts; Logging Truck, With Medium Distant Reverberation, Close Perspective.

Description: Horror / Sci-fi Background 4, Steel Saw Screeches, High Pitched Screeches & Rings.

Description: Medium Pitched Buzz, Close Perspective, Long Constant.

Description: Alarm 4, Contemporary, Factory - Science Lab - Spaceship, Interior Warning Alarm, Midrange Rhythmic Buzzing with Slap Back Echo & Reverb.

Description: Alarm 3, Interior, Submarine - Military, Giant Low Pitched Aa-ooo-gah Type Warning Alarm with Large Reverb.

Description: Alarm 2, Contemporary, Factory, - Science Lab - Spaceship Synthesized, Warning Signal, Whooper, Ascends In Pitch with Reverberant Slap Back.

Description: Alarm 1, Contemporary, Factory - Science Lab - Space Ship, Warning Signal, Rapid Rhythmic Buzzing Tones with Nice Stereo Slap Back.

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