Description: Strong Writing On Paper With Pencil Good Accents.

Description: Unscrew Mascara Tube And Put Brush In / Out, Apply.

Description: Grab Cloth Make-up Bag With Objects Rattle Inside.

Description: Hands In Suds And Water And Rubbing On Hair.

Description: Pull Off Cap To Deodorant And Rub On Skin; Various Rubs And Cap On.

Description: Rough Combing, Brushing Through Hair.

Description: Sizzle; Cigarette Puff Fades In And Out.

Description: Quick Inhale On Cigarette And Exhale.

Description: Smoke On Cigarette Close Sizzle, Burn With Inhale Only.

Description: Bite Into Nuts, Dry Crunching #7: Bite And Spit Out Nuts, X10.

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