Description: Steam Pipe Bubbling, W Air Release And Low End Sputtering Pops.

Description: Steam, Metal & Electricity; Light Steamy Hiss & Electrical Hum Build Slowly In Intensity To A Slight Mechanical Breath And A Loud Blast Of Steam, Internal Parts Of The Metallic Creature Beat, There's Another Exhale, More Steam, Hiss, Hum, Beating And F.

Description: Steam Pump Machine Room, Industrial Ambience.

Description: Steam Boiler, W Gas Hiss, Flame Burning And Low Rumble.

Description: Water, Steam; Watery Steam Followed By Drips Down Drain, Right Channel More Steamy And Left More Watery Both Play Off Each Other ( Bathtub Faucet On / Off ).

Description: Steam Machine Blasts, Chugging Like Heavy Breath.

Description: Air Release With Very Loud Squeals In Large Reverberant Room.

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