Description: Horse And Buggy Pass By.

Description: Wagon Mule Cart, Walking Pass Bys To Mike Position.

Description: Stagecoach Interior, Slow; Wood Creaks And Rattles With Light Sparse Chain Rattles - Slower And Steady. Close Up Perspective, Interior.

Description: Stagecoach Interior; Fast Wood Rattles And Light Chain Movement. Constant. Medium, Interior.

Description: Stagecoach Interior; Steady Creaks, Squeaks, And Rattles Of Wood And Metal Bouncing Chain Movement. Quick, Steady With Intermittent Bangs On Wood. Close-up, Interior.

Description: Stagecoach Interior, Fast; Fast Rattles Of Chain With Wood And Metal Creaks - Constant. Close-up.

Description: Stagecoach By; Wood And Metal Rattles Of Coach In By And Away. Distant To Close-up.

Description: Car Transmission; Start, Idle With Bad Transmission Clunks, Off.

Description: Car Transmission Manual; Starts Rolling And Goes Steady With Very Bad Gear Grinds, Winds Down To Stop At End, No Motor, Interior Perspective 2x.

Description: Horse And Buggy In And By, Then Horse By In City Park. Close Hoof Clip Clops On Asphalt Chain Rattle, And Slight Squeak Of Buggy Wheels. Second Horse Away. Close Birds Chirp, Distant Traffic Roar.

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