Description: Four Wheel Atv; Revs, Idle And Maneuvers In Snow. Cu Bys, In And Off.

Description: AAV landing craft revs at a low rpm. Vehicle, Landing Craft Engine, Idle.

Description: Horse drawn carriage starts and continues. Horse, Carriage.

Description: 2 Wagons; Ist By And Stop, 2nd Up And Stop, Mud And Stone Surface, R-l - Some Chatter In Left Channel From Driver After Ist Wagon Has Stopped.

Description: Horse & Carriage; By; Horse Drawn Sleigh Up And Past With Bells, Overlapped By Another. Good Off Screen Stuff.

Description: Horse & Carriage; Away; Horse And Cart Away Over Bumpy Surface. Nice Cart Noise And Bridle Jingle With Hooves Breaking Through Now And Again.

Description: Stagecoach Interior, Slow; Wood Creaks And Rattles With Light Sparse Chain Rattles - Slower And Steady. Close Up Perspective, Interior.

Description: 2 Horse Drawn Wagons; By Slow, Grass Surface, L-r, With Light Background Wind Through Trees.

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