Description: Horse & Carriage; Constant; Horse And Cart Constant At Walk On Hard Surface Eventually Stopping. Nice Rattling Cart Noise And Horses Hooves.

Description: Horse & Carriage; Constant; Constant Horse Drawn Sleigh. Bells, Rumble And Hooves.

Description: 3 Horse Drawn Wagons; By Slow, Grass Surface, L-r, With Light Background Wind Through Trees.

Description: Horse & Carriage; Away; Pony And Cart Start And Away To Constant At The Trot. Plenty Of Cart Noise And Bridle Jingle, Finally Slows And Stops. Hard Surface.

Description: Horse & Carriage; Away; Horse And Cart Start And Away To Constant At Walk, Eventually Stops. Hard Surface.

Description: Stagecoach Interior, Slow; Heavier Rattles And Heavy Chain Movement / Hits; Some Hoof Movement On Dirt / Leather And Wood Creaks. Close-up.

Description: Snowmobile Start And Run Around, Then Off.

Description: Snowmobile Races Around, Multi Vehicles, Go.

Description: Horse Drawn Carriage; Idle 1, Very Sparse Birdsong.

Description: Interior Horse Drawn Carriage; Slow To Medium Pace Constant With Hoof Beats, Stone Surface.

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