Description: Bus; In / Stop; Coach Slow Up And Stop Just Off Mic. Air Brake Puff, Then Switch Off.

Description: Bus; Start / Away; Coach Start Up, Static Revs, Then Moves Away At Normal Speed To Long Shot.

Description: Interior Empty Bus, Riding In Front. Heavy Rattles And Vibration, Stop And Go. Echoed Turn Signal Clicks Off And On. Quiet Idle. Doors Open, Exit To Street, Doors Close Behind Us, Air Brake H.

Description: Bus; By; London Bus Up From Mid Shot And Past.

Description: Bus; In / Stop / Off; Coach Comes Past And Stops 20 Feet Off Mic. Idling, Air Brake Puff And Switch Off.

Description: Bus; In / Stop; Coach Glide In And Stop Just Past Mic. Air Brake Puff, Idling, Then Pulls Away Slowly To Long Shot.

Description: Bus By With Doppler Horn Honks, Medium Distant.

Description: Bus Idle, Very Close And Airy. Could Play For Generator Or General Industrial Ambience.

Description: Interior and exterior points of view of a school bus as the air brakes release. Vehicles, School Bus Bus, School.

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