Description: Interior Empty Bus, Riding In Front. Heavy Rattles And Vibration, Stop And Go. Echoed Turn Signal Clicks Off And On. Quiet Idle. Doors Open, Exit To Street, Doors Close Behind Us, Air Brake H.

Description: Bus Stop; Bus In And Stop Close With Piercing Brake Squeals, Driver Voice Over Loudspeaker Number Four, All Stops... Long Close Idle Then Away. Other Busses By, In And Idle, Away With Air Hiss.

Description: Interior Bus Ride, Middle Of Bus. Tires Over Metal Plates At Head, Medium Perspective Turn Signal Clicks, Doors Open And Close. Stop And Go With Revs, Bell. Heavy Interior Rattles And Clunks.

Description: Interior point of view of a school bus as it starts, idles, drives and shuts off. Vehicles, School Bus Bus, School Engine, Motor.

Description: Interior Bus Idle, Back Of Bus, With Window Partially Open. Airy Idle; Some Parts Could Play For Exterior Idle. Some Interior Movement, Bell Coins, Air Hiss.

Description: Interior Bus Ride, Back Of Bus, With Window Partially Open. Heavy Roar Of Engine Acceleration, More High End Than Track 1007-09. Stops And People Enter. Brake Squeals.

Description: Interior Bus Ride, Front Of Bus. Close Up Doors Open And Close, Turn Signal Clicks Loud, Coins Drop, Meter Turns, Stop Bell Is Pulled. Stop A Few Times, Ride With Heavy Rattles And Suspension.

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