Description: Steam Train, By; Steam Train By, Low Rumble, Long Whistle Blasts, Doppler, Bell Clangs, Rail Noise In And Away.

Description: Coal Into Fire Box; Scooping Coal Up And Droppin With Steam And Air Release And Hiss. Metal Scrapes, Clanks As Coal Is Scooped, Debris Falling To Floor. Close-up.

Description: Crowd Walla, Conductor Calls, Steam Train Departs. Good Close By And Away.

Description: Shoveling Coal; Metal Scrapes As Coal Is Scooped And Droppedecho. Distant Steady Steam Hiss. Close-up.

Description: Challenger After Whistle To Medium Cruise.

Description: Shoveling Coal; Scoop Coal Up With Metal Scrapes. Echoey Clanks In Background With Pounding And Constant Steam Hiss. Breaking Up Coal Impacts, More Scooping And Drops With Metal Clanks And Impacts.

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