Description: Train Horn, Freight Train, Loud Blasts, C / U.

Description: Whistle, Factory & Train; 2 Ambient, Reverberant Blows Of A Cross Between A Factory Whistle And A Train Whistle.

Description: Horn, Train & Fog; 1 Long Ambient, Reverberant, Mournful Toot Of Cross Between A Train Whistle And A Fog Horn.

Description: Shoveling Coal; Metal Scrapes As Coal Is Scooped And Dropped—echo. Distant Steady Steam Hiss. Close-up.

Description: Coal Into Fire Box; Scooping Coal Up And Droppin With Steam And Air Release And Hiss. Metal Scrapes, Clanks As Coal Is Scooped, Debris Falling To Floor. Close-up.

Description: Steam Train, Steady With Engine Chugs; Steam Train Steady Motion With Steam Gusts / Chugging With Rail Noise. Some Squeaks And Clanks Of Box Cars Passing. Close-up.

Description: Steam Train, By; Low Distant Hum And Rumble Of Train In And By With Clanks, Creaks Of Boxcars As They Pass. Light Rail Clicks And Squeaks. Distant To Close Perspective And Away With Distant Horn Blows And Distant Rail Crossing Bell. Distant To Close-up.

Description: Steam Train, Away With Bell Ring; Steam Train, Away With Low Steam Blasts, Bell Rings, And Chugging Increasing In Speed. Train Slow Moving As Boxcars Pass, Wheels Clanking On Track, Crossing Bell Gets Faster And Away.

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