Description: Train Horn Distant; Train Horn Blasts With Rail Clicks Steady In Distance.

Description: Train Interior - Steady - No Walla / Fast Rail Clicks.

Description: Interior Commuter Train With Passenger Walla; Five Young Adults Medium Perspective Walla Laughs. Low End Train Vibrations, Rattle.

Description: Start / Away ( Exterior ); Septa Train Starting Away With Mic Near Wheel.

Description: Commuter Train Interior; Door Opens, Bell Rings. Move To Between The Cars Point Of View; With Engine Noise, Close Rail Clicks, Metal Squeaks And Grinds. Actually An Exterior Steady.

Description: Train, Exterior Perspective; Steady, With Constant Rail Clicks And Metal Rattles, Medium Distant Train Horn Blows, Bells By. Good For Top Of Train Perspective.

Description: Interior Commuter Train, Pulls Into Station Between Cars Perspective. Rail Clicks And Thumps, Hissy Brakes As Train Slows. Sparse Medium Distant Walla, Distant Station Announcer As Train Stops In.

Description: Train Interior - Steady - First Class Car.

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