Description: Steam Train, By; Steam Train By, Low Rumble, Long Whistle Blasts, Doppler, Bell Clangs, Rail Noise In And Away.

Description: Steam train chugs along with tracks squeaking. Engine, Steam Train Locomotive, Tracks Train, Steam.

Description: Train By With Rail Clicks And Occasional Brake Squeal.

Description: Steam Train, By; Train In And Away With Steam Hiss, Rail Clicks, Doppler Bell. Boxcars Pass With Rail Click. Single Echoey Whistle Blast.

Description: Train Horn Doppler By 2; Train With Single Engine Approaches Fast With Doppler Horn Blast By, Away.

Description: Steam Train, In And Stop; Train In, Slow With Steam Hiss And Release, Rail Clanks, Creaking, Very Close Perspective With Echo. Soft Air Brake Release Creaks To Stop. Close-up.

Description: Away; Steam Train Out Of Station With Steam Hiss.

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