Description: Diesel train passes by from left to right while releasing air brakes. Train Horn, Whistles Brakes, Air.

Description: Train Long In From Distant With Echoed Horn Blows To Very Close By; Left To Right With Rail Clicks And Squeaks. Long Train With Loud Caboose By And Away At End.

Description: Diesel train passes by with a heavy rumble as freight cars bump and squeak. Train Bumping, Squeaking Metal, Cars.

Description: Train Interior / Exterior - Fast And Steady.

Description: Train Interior - Steady - First Class Car.

Description: Train By, Close Perspective; Slowly, Left To Right.

Description: Idle / Away / Stop; Electric Train Idles, Doors Open and Close. Departs, And Then Eventually Slows And Stops.

Description: Steam Locomotive Daylight Hi Speed Steady With End Accelerates.

Description: Train Horn Distant; Train Horn Blasts With Rail Clicks Steady In Distance.

Description: Train, Exterior Perspective; Steady, With Constant Rail Clicks And Metal Rattles, Medium Distant Train Horn Blows, Bells By. Good For Top Of Train Perspective.

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