Description: Horn, Train & Fog; 2 Ambient, Reverberant, Mournful Toots Of Cross Between A Train Whistle And Fog Horn.

Description: Interior Commuter Train, Pulls Into Station Between Cars Perspective. Rail Clicks And Thumps, Hissy Brakes As Train Slows. Sparse Medium Distant Walla, Distant Station Announcer As Train Stops In.

Description: Interior Commuter Train Idle With Conductor Punching Tickets Medium Perspective To Close Up At Tail. Open And Close Door With Metal Click ( Index 02 @; 57 ) .

Description: Train Whistle Blast Three Times Medium Perspective With Train Idle. Sound Bounces Off Buildings Or Hills.

Description: Train Interior - Steady - First Class Car.

Description: Steam Train Boxcar, Steady; Steady, Slow Moving Train With Squeaks And Creaks, Rail Noise. Various Clanks And Chain Rattle. Close-up.

Description: Steam Train Departure Bell, Close-up With Steam Hiss; Multiple Train Bell Rings, Constant Steam In Background, Echoey Rings. Close-up.

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