Description: VEHICLES 1970’S MGB: INT: Onboard, false start, start, depart into constant run, many gear changes, some stops, stop & switch off.

Description: 300ZX onboard - engine, series of figure eight’s and corners, turbocharged.

Description: VEHICLES ASTON MARTIN: INT: Start, constant run, switch off.

Description: Eclipse onboard - engine, idle, peel out and accelerate driving, turbocharged.

Description: WRX onboard - engine, start, very quick and short accelerates, idling, turbocharged.

Description: Model T; Start, Variable Slow Steady. Suspension Rattles Over Bumps And At Slow Speed. On Board Perspective. Off At End.

Description: Merkur onboard - engine, start, idle and into cornering.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO ENGINE PROBLEMS: Toy steam engine, various stops & starts.

Description: V-8 Car; Start, And Accelerate To High Rpm. Racy Steady, High Speed Accels, Smooth Engine Stick Shift.

Description: ( Continues From FX 05 ) 1986 4-cylinder Sports Car; Accelerate To High Speed, Then Long Gradual Decelerate And Repeat Gradual Accelerate And Decelerate. Off At End.

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