Description: Civic - distant quick approach, moderate high rev by & away.

Description: Civic - quick & distant approach, screaming by and very quick away, turn around, & hard accelerate. Away.

Description: Civic - distant moderate approach, very fast accelerate by & away.

Description: Civic - repeating corner bys with accelerate aways & peel out.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO ENGINE PROBLEMS: Taxi cab motor sputtering.

Description: Integra quick soft in, shift into reverse, slow away.

Description: Cart Indy Car; Paddock Ambience Paddock Area, Crews Working On Cars, Crowds Wandering Around, Small Carts And Scooters Driving Around, Shot Cu From The Paddock Area.

Description: SCCA Racing; Pit Ambience, M / S Bys From The Track, Cu Car Idling And Drives Slowly Away, Shot Cu In The Pit Area.

Description: Professional Sports Car; Pit Ambience, Pa, Cu Slow By L / R Car Into The Pits, Crew Changes The Tires, Shot Cu From The Pits.

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