Description: Porsche; Interior; Start, Growling Engine With Low Drone And Ventilation Hiss. Rev And Accelerate Through Gears, Steady Drive, Shift Down Through Gears, Drive At Various Speeds. Drive At Various.

Description: Compact Car Start Engine, Accelerate Quickly To Over 100 Mph-exhaust Perspective Left, Engine Perspective Right.

Description: Vintage Formula 1; Internal Racing, Vintage Formula 1 Car 1975 Shadow ( Cosworth Ford V8 Engine ) Racing Around The Track Shifting Thru Gears, Internal Mic In. ( Some Wind Was Left In As An Effect ).

Description: Nascar Racing; Racing Ambience, M / S Fast Bys R / L, Shot In A Banked Curve, Directly From The Far Grandstand. ( 2 Mile Oval Track ) .

Description: Car, Interior; Highway Steady With Windows Partially Down. Smooth Engine, Tires Over Small Bumps In Road ( Washboard Effect ), Wind Whoosh.

Description: Porsche; Start Close, Accelerate To Long Medium Speed ( 45 Mph ) Steady. Accelerate To Highway Steady ( 60 Mph ) At 1; 45, Then Slow To Stop And Off.

Description: Nascar Racing; Crowd Ambience Crowd Ambience, Pa, Crowds Cheering & Applauding, Helicopter Hovering Overhead In Background, Shot Cu From The Main Grandstand Area.

Description: Maserati Sedan, Interior Pov, Start, Away, Slow Driving with Window Closed, Bumps, Speed Changes, Steady, Slower Cruise, Stop Cu, Off.

Description: Racy Foreign Car; Fast Accels And Decels With Downshifting, Variable Steady's.

Description: Vintage Formula 1; Internal Start / Idle / Away / Racing, Vintage Formula 1 Car 1975 Shadow ( Cosworth Ford V8 Engine ) Starts Up, Idles, Revs, Drives Away Onto The Track Shifting Thru Gears Up To Speed, Internal Mic In.

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