Description: Nascar Racing; Start Ambience, Pa Race Announcer ?3, 2, 1, Gentlemen Start Your Engines, All Cars Start Up, Rev, Shot Cu From The Start / Finish Line. ( 5 / 8 Mile Oval Track ) .

Description: Race Track, Crowd Cheers And Formula Race Car Bys.

Description: Automobile; Interior ( Constant ); Interior E Type Jaguar Start Up And Away To Fast Motoring With Gear Changes And Some Backfiring In Parts, Finally Slows, Stops And Switch Off.

Description: 1914-1954 Vintage Race Car; By ( Several ), 1914-1954 Vintage Race Cars Cu Fast Bys R / L, Shot Cu From The Track.

Description: V-8 Car; In Medium, Stop On Dirt, Close Perspective, Idle And Off. ( Segues To FX 26. ) .

Description: Automobile; Interior ( Constant ); Interior Morris Minor Start Up And Away Through Gears To Normal Driving, Eventually Stops.

Description: Sports Car Start Engine, Idle, Shut Off Engine-mix.

Description: Automobile; Start / Away; Model 't' Ford Start Up, Idles And Away.

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