Description: AIRCRAFT PROP TWIN TURBO: INT: Start, taxi, take off, steady flight, landing, taxi, switch off.

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, taxiing with check list, engine test & warning buzzer.

Description: Boeing 747 jumbo jet, interior, in - flight, announcements before landing.

Description: Airport; Pre-flight Announcements; Interior Boeing 727 Preparing For Take Off. Captain Going Through Safety Procedures Etc.

Description: Boeing 747 jumbo jet, interior, land, taxi, announcements.

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, flaps down, check list, descent, landing.

Description: Stearman: Electric Start / Idle / Throttle; Stearman Xa-21. Pilot’s Perspective: Engine Grinds And Starts, Idles Steadily With Low, Smooth Timbre. Idles At Various Speeds. Revs Up At End With Whir Of Props And Squeak Of Wheels During Taxi. Very High Idle.

Description: Boeing 727, interior, making approach, varying engine pitch.

Description: Jet warm up & taxi out to area, general atmosphere & take off.

Description: Gnat: Takeoff Interior; Rev To Taxi Speed, Jets Roar For Takeoff, Wind And Mechanical Grinding, Engine Steadies To Cruising Speed. Jet.

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