Description: Boeing 727, interior, takeoff sequence from announcement to lift off & flight.

Description: AIRCRAFT PROP SINGLE ENGINE: EXT: Fly bys overhead medium speed. 4 planes. Good approaches and aways.

Description: Stewardess Flight Announcements Before Takeoff, With Light Passenger Walla And Air.

Description: Airplane Interior - Steady In Flight, No Passengers.

Description: Boeing 747 jumbo jet, interior, chatter & engine whine before take off.

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, approaching london, radio & altitude adjustments.

Description: Boeing 707 cockpit, pre takeoff check list and takeoff, radio, post takeoff check list.

Description: Tiger Moth: Electric Start / Idle / Throttle / Off; D.H. 82 Tiger Moth. Whines Twice Before Engine Catches, Revs To Slowly Throbbing Idle, Series Of Faster Idles With Growling And Humming Props. Distinct High Whirring Of Fans And Engine. Sputters To A Stop W.

Description: Prop Plane; Start / Idle; Mosquito Prop Aircraft Start Up With Miss Fires, Picks Up To Steady Revs Building Slightly, Then Switch Off And Rundown. Good For Constant In Flight.

Description: AIRCRAFT PROP DOUGLAS DC-3: INT: Idle, taxi, accelerate, take off, steady flight.

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