Description: Aircraft Jet By; 747 Takeoff On Runway, Distant Engine Windup, Long Approach In With Big Whoosh By, Very Close Perspective.

Description: AIRCRAFT PROP LOCKHEED P3 ORION: INT: Steady flight. Low drone.

Description: Prop Airplane Landing, Approach, Touchdown.

Description: Prop Plane; Fly By; Spitfire Fly Up And Overhead.

Description: B-29 Take Off, Best Power In Launching, Long.

Description: B-29 Bomber Constant Descending, Looped.

Description: F-4 Phantom: In, By And Afterburner Away To Distant. Stereo.

Description: F-4 Phantom: Takeoff Medium-distant, 2 Versions. Stereo.

Description: Jumbo jet flies over ( threshold of runway perspective.

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