Description: Basketball Slam Dunk ( 4x ); Basketball Going Through Hoop; Four Times, Slam Dunk Style, Swish / Shwing, Shaking Of Rim, Close Perspective.

Description: Basketball Sneaker: Squeaks; Basketball Shoes Squeaking On Gym Floor; Varying Degrees Of Aggression And Pitch, Close Perspective.

Description: Basketball, Steady, Solid Dribble, Close Pov, Int Gym Reverb.

Description: Indoor Basketball; Ball Quickly Swishes Through Net.

Description: Basketball, Referee Whistle, Single Blows, Reverb.

Description: Basketball, Players Run On Court, Very Close Bys, Some Shoe Squeak. Int Gym Reverb.

Description: Basketball, Net Swish Only, Int Gym Reverb.

Description: Basketball Rim Hit, Light And Catch, Int Gym Medium Pov, Not Much Reverb.

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